Cooking for Millennials

by Lina Cardenas

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For those of you who know me well, you know that my Instagram is flooded with pictures of food. While I may be part of the very annoying “foodstagram” trend, I truly believe that a beautiful and delicious entrée deserves its recognition. As an avid foodie, I am naturally attracted to blogs that contain photos of food and reviews of restaurants. My most used apps this summer included Foursquare, Yelp and Swarm, which helped me when I realized that I refuse to eat at any restaurant in New York without reading any prior reviews about it. This reason alone is what introduced me to Bon Apétit. Originally, the site actually belongs to the Bon Apétit Magazine, but the website can stand on its own in regards to content.

The site features dozens of articles covering topics in pop culture, city guides, new restaurants, how-to recipes, famous celebrity chefs and more. It is organized to read similar to a newsfeed, with stories running down the page’s three-column design. It reads similarly to Elite Daily, or any other Millennial-oriented news source. Some of my favorite topics covered by this magazine include why kale has now been deemed “basic,” or why the White House refuses to reveal what kind of coffee it brews.

However, my favorite set of articles that they write are the city guides. As someone who sees the value in gourmet cooking, I get frustrated whenever I visit a city and waste one of my few meals there at a subpar restaurant. I was recently accepted to study abroad in London next spring, and will absolutely consult these guides before I jet off.

Bon Appétit is the epitome of the Millennial’s guide to everything that has to do with cooking. Because it is written in a quirky style, I am reminded to not take myself too seriously as I dig through their articles. Their Common Mistakes section has been unbelievably useful the past two years I’ve had a kitchen of my own, and their Cooking Tips section has provided me with more than one weeknight recipe. This is the type of website a young adult would turn to for advice in the realm of cooking, and its voice reflects this perfectly.

Compare Bon Appétit to Vice before comparing it to Rachael Ray.  This is not the standard mommy blogger cooking website, but rather, a dynamic approach to food. Definitely consider adding this to your Bookmarks Bar.